5 things you need to know about LED Lights

5 things you need to know about LED Lights
5 things you need to know about LED Lights

5 things you need to know about LED Lights

After years of development, LED lights turn out to be a very common lighting product and widely applied to many aspects of our life. It is so popular that it has played a big part in our daily life and even changing our lifestyle. Although LED lights are relatively professional products with many electrical components and compact configuration, you can also be professionalism while identifying different kinds of lighting.

LED Lights are mainly made of 3 parts: housing, LED chip, LED driver, following 5 tips will show you how to find the good quality LED lights:


This might be weird but this is true, you can’t get good quality in very low weight product. As all LED lights require good heat dispassion, It can’t be accomplished without a good amount of aluminum. The housing(heat sink) make up a large proportion of the weight, normally it’s made with Aluminum, PC or Iron.

And, aluminum is with better heat dispassion than PC, weight, and cost are higher as well. To lower the cost, suppliers will use PC or very thin aluminum to make the heat sink(or housing),  These products won’t perform well even in a small span of time.

LED Chip

LED chips are manufactured by various big and small enterprises in the world. Japan and USA based suppliers make the highest quality for longer life and more reliability, such as CREE, Nichia, Lumileds, Osram, Bridgelux, etc. All is the matter of materials used in making chip.

The larger chip provides more lights, good stability against current variations, but it costs more. Cheap and small led chip provides less light and stability. Normally a good quality product will use good/brand LED chip.

LED Driver

LED driver consists of most of the electrical components in LED light, it is the heart of LED lightings. These electrical components are constructed together to provide good and stable performance. There are many big manufacturers that produce very good power supply, such as, Philips, Osram, Meanwell, Tridonic, etc.

LED lighting suppliers can directly apply these drivers to their lighting products, they can also choose LED drivers from domestic manufacturers with good quality and also good price, such as Lifud, or they can also design the driver on their own, to make it match their products better.

To see whether the driver is good or not, you can check if it has acquired relative certificates, e.g. ENECGSUL CE, etc.


High quality LED light is with much longer life span (more than 50000hrs), and their warranty period is also much longer with 5 years warranty, some even have 7 years warranty. Some suppliers provide none warranty or just 1 years warranty for their products, it can be sure that this kind of LED lightings are with poor quality and won’t last long.


Finally all together, how they construct LED lights is also important. Design, look, feel and strength need to be checked at the time of choosing LED. If paint or powder coating is not applied well, there might be a good chance that inside construction is also cheap.

While choosing LED lights, you can open the housing and see inside how the components are being constructed. If it’s laid out in a well-organized way, and components are stable, normally it’s ok.



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