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Smart Light and Smart Light Switch, which one should we choose?

Smart home technology has revolutionized the way we live and interact with our homes. From smart locks and thermostats to smart lighting and plugs, there are numerous products available that can enhance our home living experience. However, with the vast number of options available, it can be challenging to determine which smart device is the best fit for your needs. Two popular smart home devices are smart lights and smart light switches.

How Smart is a Smart Plug? A Comprehensive Guide

In recent years, smart home technology has become increasingly popular, among them, the smart plug is one of the favorite devices for homeowners looking to automate their homes. This small, WiFi-enabled plug is a device that plugs into a standard electrical outlet and allows you to control the power to whatever is plugged into it through a mobile app or voice assistant. The smart plug promises to…

LED Driver: Everything You Need To Know

LED driver is an electrical device that regulates the power to an LED or a string of LEDs. It provides a constant current or voltage to the LED(s) to ensure that they operate within their specified operating range and prevent them from burning out. LED drivers are essential components in LED lighting systems and are available in various types, such as constant-current, constant-voltage, and dimmable drivers.

5 popular light fixture heatsinks, what is the difference?

One of the biggest technical challenges of LED lighting fixtures currently is the issue of heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation can cause the weakness of LED drivers and electrolytic capacitors which prevents lighting fixtures from further developing and resulting in early light decay. Only by quickly transmitting the heat out can reduce the luminaire temperature effectively, as well as protect the power supply from working in a prolonged high-temperature environment.


4 Best Toilet Bowl Night Lights Review

In your bathroom, a toilet bowl night light may be something you have never considered, but it can prove quite useful. Especially if you don’t want to be blinded by the harsh bathroom light when you wake up in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom. In addition to improving your sleep quality and preventing tripping in the bathroom at night, toilet bowl night lights improve visibility without disrupting your sleep.

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Why Does Water Leakage Occurs In IP67 Underground Lights?

Many of us may notice that the so-called IP67 outdoor underground lights are with rainwater infiltrating into the fixture, even though they’re with IP test reports that prove they are waterproof and some of the lights are a good brand, there are still leaks. So why does water leakage occurs In IP67 underground lights? Before we give an answer, you have to understand what IP67 stands for.


How To Improve Your Home Lighting (Designer’s Tips)

In our basic understanding, the lights in the home are there to help us see things clearly. It’s something that we use daily without giving it much thought. But they’re just more than that! Good lighting can make a home more attractive and welcoming. It changes the mood, sets the ambiance, and adds character to the places like living and dining rooms or bathrooms and kitchens, particularly in open-concept spaces. Lighting choices can make or break a room’s design and mood. And if…


5 Best Stair Lights To Highlight Your Interior Space

With regards to light improvement, homeowners usually overlook staircase lighting. And honestly, we cannot blame them. They might already have impressive lighting in the hallway as well as on the landings. However, if you are unaware of the importance of stair lights, chances are you might fall while climbing up the stairs. In fact, adding stair lights in the steps isn’t just about highlighting your staircase design, but it is additionally a safety measure.


Top 6 Best LED Strip Lights (Buyer’s Guide)

“Light is very important to architecture. Without the change of light, the form will lose its vitality, and the space will appear weak.” is the famous quote of I. M. Pei. His another famous quote is “Let the light do the design.” From the Louvre pyramid as well as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, you can discover the changes and charms presented by the combination of light and space. Although it’s difficult for us to match the realm of the master, we can learn from his design skill and concept.


8 Best LED Flame Lights (Buyer’s Guide)

In addition to the candle lanterns, LED flame lights are another amazing home decor that creates a passionate atmosphere and friendly glow. Their flickering flame effects look like just the dancing fire and add a warm, welcoming ambiance, which is best for cold winter and Christmas celebrations. Plus, LED flame lights are safer than candlelights and will not have the risk of fire hazards. These flickering flame lamps are also mood setters and are widely used as holiday accent lighting.