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10 Best Touch Control Night Lights (Complete Guide)

Previously we have discussed the night light series, they are a small gadget but play a big role in our daily life. At night, they light up the way for us to navigate well in the middle of the night without fumbling. And for children, they help them get rid of the fears of darkness to have warm and better sleep. But, if you do not merely settle for the “light” function, and…


15 Best Stick On Night Lights (Full Guide)

Stick on night lights are another one of the best night lights we’re going to share with you today. In our last post, we have introduced the high practicability and versatility of the plug-in night lights and portable night lights, however, stick-on night lights are one kind of lights that you can place anywhere, without the limit of outlets and electricity.

How To Get The Best Shipping Quote? (9 Tips)

If you’re importing products from China, suppliers are not the only party you will deal with, you also need to negotiate with freight forwarders in order to get the best shipping quote. We know that the shipping cost can play such an important part in your bottom line. Sometimes, a good product can become unprofitable product because…