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Why You Need a Sourcing Agent?

Nowadays, importing from China is becoming increasingly popular and a strategic imperative, if you are looking for good products at cheap price but without having to compromise on quality. There are thousands of various factories in China specialize in different products, how to find a right and the high-quality manufacturer is often one of the […]

Big Factories or Small and Medium Size Factories?

When you source products from China, you will be flooded with hundreds of thousands of factories, and they are way different in many ways. There are many big factories with modern workshops and well-organized, as well as many small and medium-sized factories that are also professional and reputable. Now with the development of transportation today, […]

How to choose LED Panel Light? (Complete Guide)

LED Panel light now is booming in the market, it’s one of the best lighting options for indoor applications, considering its easy installation, modern design, and efficient light quality. Now almost every supplier producing led lights can also produce led panel lights, so how to choose the most suitable panel light for your requirements? This […]

What is LED Light Engine?

In the lighting industry, now there are many discussions about the products of LED Light Engine (also called DOB, a drive on board design), people are having entirely different views on the products of LED Light Engine. Some said this kind of products and technologies are the savior to the current chaotic LED lighting market, […]

5 things you need to know about LED Lights

After years of development, LED lights turn out to be a very common lighting product and widely applied to many aspects of our life. It is so popular that it has played a big part in our daily life and even changing our lifestyle. Although LED lights are relatively professional products with many electrical components […]