9 Best Disco Lights for Party (Full Guide)

by Michael | Updated on: 5th-June, 2022

10 Best Disco Lights for Party (Full Guide)

Have you ever thrown a house party? It’s a fun way to get your friends together or meet new people. And a great house party leaves us an unforgettable memory which people can still talk about it even after years. Well, if you’re planning to host a party in your home, and you want to make it awesome, you’re probably very aware that there is plenty of things to be done.

So, how to throw an epic house party? There are many ways can help you achieve it and lighting is definitely one of the best methods. When it comes to lighting, we are not discussing our overhead lights (which is almost useless to boost the party), it’s the disco lights that will make your party amazing!

Disco lights are powerful and can instantly set the mood, they play such an important role in a party. We cannot say it is 100% going to make you a great house party, but we dare to say disco lights will be certainly making a bigger difference than the other parties that don’t have disco lighting.

In this article, we will introduce the best disco lights in the market and how to apply them to throw a memorable home party. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Best Disco Lights At a Glance

1. Remote Control Disco Lights Plug and Play2. Portable Rotating USB Powered Disco Lights3. LED Party Lights with Laser and Pattern Combo4. Sound Activated Strobe Light for Home Parties5. Upgraded Disco Party Lights with 60 Light Effects6. LED Disco Lights Bluetooth Speaker7. Fog Machine with 16 Controllable Light Colors8. Four Beam Effect Stage Disco Light DMX Control9. Rotating Disco Ball Light with Bluetooth Speaker
1. Litake Remote Control Disco Lights Plug and Play
2. VYLEE Portable Rotating USB Powered Disco Lights
3. Litake LED Party Lights with Laser and Pattern Combo
4. RockJam Sound Activated Strobe Light for Home Parties
5. Bietrun Upgraded Disco Party Lights with 60 Light Effects
6. Aolun LED Disco Lights Bluetooth Speaker
7. GEJRIO Fog Machine with 16 Controllable Light Colors
8. SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect Stage Disco Light DMX Control
9. Yuiisenn Rotating Disco Ball Light with Bluetooth Speaker
√ Sound Activated,
√ Flash Mode,
√ Speed Adjustable
√ 7 Lighting Modes
√ Suction Cup Installation,
√ Sound Activated,
√ Multiple Lighting Modes
√ USB Powered.
√ Sound activated,
√ 3 automatic modes,
√ RGB Disco ball lights,
√ With Heat dissipation fan,
√ Light Flashes,
√ Change speed and color
√ 3 DJ modes.
√ 7 Lighting Modes
√ 60 Modes,
√ UL plug,
√ Remote control,
√ Syn with music.
√ Built-in Bluetooth speaker,
√ Sound activated,
√ Night Light mode,
√ Support SD card
√ Overheat Protection,
√ Smoke and Lights Combine,
√ Remote control
√ 16 Colors
√ AUTO/Sound active
√ DMX 512 control
√ Master-Slave mode
√ 4 Beam RGB light
√ 360 Rotating ball light,
√ Bluetooth speaker,
√ Sound activated,
√ Remote control.
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1. Litake Remote Control Disco Lights Plug and Play

Litake Remote Control Disco Lights for Party

These remote control disco lights are great for parties, they are small yet powerful.  The lights are vibrant and have pretty good reach. It can be sound-activated and with a total of 7 lighting modes. Plus, it’s with flash and rotating speed feature, you can control it in different light patterns from the remote.

The variety of patterns produced is quite good for what a simple gadget it is. What’s more, they respond well to the music without being obnoxious. If you’re looking for a low-budget solution, this little disco light could be it. They will work great as an inexpensive dance floor party light and do a terrific job of transforming your room into a little rave/nightclub type of area.

Brand / ASIN:Litake / B075WPYMB9
Wattage / Voltage:3W / AC 100-240V
8.3*9.2*7.5cm / 3.27*3.63*2.96 in
Light Color:RGB
Power method:Plug and play
Functions:Sound Activated, Flash Mode – Speed Adjustable

2. VYLEE Portable Rotating USB Powered Disco Lights

VYLEE Portable Rotating USB Powered Disco Lights

If you have a long day of working in front of a screen, disco lights can be also used to cheer yourself up. This disco light is with a 360° rotating suction cup which can help you fix the light on any smooth surfaces, such as on the glass, ceramic, etc, so you can enjoy the fantastic lighting pattern running across your wall and ceiling.

Besides, not only it’s remote control that gives you multiple functions, but also it’s powered by USB plug-in with an ultra-long 14ft cable, giving you extra convenience to power the light. As well, it’s sound activated and you can change 3 modes, control 15 colors. You can djust the colors according to your mood and the theme of parties.

Wattage / Voltage:5W / 5 Volts (AC)
4.33 x 3.94 x 4.53 inches
Light Color:RGB
Power method:USB plug in
Functions:Suction Cup Installation, Sound Activated, Multiple Lighting Modes

3. Litake LED Party Lights with Laser and Pattern Combo

Litake LED Party Lights with Laser and Pattern Combo

This Litake LED party light can dance to the beat of the music and it comes with a little remote to adjust the colors and motion. You can set up mono-color or multiple colors. One light can cover around 300 square feet. It combines the laser light and patterns together to shows various effects, which create a wonderful party atmosphere.

Another feature is that you’re able to pause the lights where they are. There is a pause button for this but it doesn’t stay. It still cycles through it just holding each color/pattern for a few seconds and moving on. Also, it’s sound-activated and with 3 auto-mixed lighting modes, plus flash mode. You can easily change the modes you need and have a nice party with the remote control.

Brand / Part Number:
Litake / ‎TC-7007-1
Wattage / Voltage:10W / AC 100-240V
‎5.1 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
Light Color:‎Rgb + Red & Green
Power method:Plug and play
Functions:Sound activated, 3 automatic modes, RGB Disco ball lights, With Heat dissipation fan,

4. RockJam Sound Activated Strobe Light for Home Parties

RockJam Sound Activated Strobe Light for Home Parties

Another small disco light but the lights are bright and powerful. It illuminates practically the whole bedroom and adds to the ambiance of the karaoke session. Especially during the covid, all the KTVs are closed down, if you want to sing under the karaoke ambiance, this sound-activated disco light solves the problem.

Additionally, there are up to 11 lighting modes and 4 lighting patterns with flash effects. It’s pretty easy to set up and use and responds well to music played. The pattern it projects includes stars, diamonds, and lots of other little shapes. What’s more, it comes with a bracket including a suction cup so you can get it mounted everywhere on the smooth place, like ceilings, walls, tabletop, and so on.

Brand / ASIN:RockJam / B086C9M887
Wattage / Voltage:6W / DC 5V
Package size:‎5 x 4.41 x 4.06 inches
Light Color:11 RGBY Colors
Power method:‎USB Powered
Functions:Light Flashes, Change speed and color with the rhythm of the music, 3 DJ modes.

5. Bietrun Upgraded Disco Party Lights with 60 Light Effects

Bietrun Upgraded Disco Party Lights with 60 Light Effects

Whether you’re holding a Halloween party or New Years’ party, this Bietrun upgraded disco party light was a huge hit! It has over 60 different styles Of patterns and projection effects that alternate quickly keeping it interesting. And, the maximum coverage area can be up to 100㎡, set fire to a large area.

What’s more, it has a built-in mic so that it can sync to the beat based on the surrounding music. The light and laser/led patterns were thumping and changing right along with the beats. If you want to enhance the effects, add a smoke machine to make it a rave. Similarly, all these features can be realized by the remote control, and it’s powered via a 2m USB cable.

Brand / Part Number:Bietrun / YSH031
Voltage:DC 5V
Product Size:4.72 x 3.15 x 4.72 inches
Light Color:60 colors of lights and patterns
Power method:‎USB Powered
Functions:60 Modes, UL plug, Remote control, Syn with music.

6. Aolun LED Disco Lights Bluetooth Speaker

Aolun LED Disco Lights Bluetooth Speaker

When throwing a home party, music is one of the important factors to boost the ambiance. Aolun LED disco light with Bluetooth speaker function can connect your mobile phone, or computer, so you can play your music to create your favorite party theme. Also, it supports SD cards, USB, and music in MP3 format, MP4 format.

The Bluetooth speaker disco light comes with remote control in which you can stop and play your music and control the lights. When the white dome came off, it cast nice light patterns on the walls and ceiling with different colors, it lit up like a party. What’s more, when you put the white dome on it, it can be used as a night light.

Brand / Part Number:
Aolun / 614234136505
Wattage / Voltage:4W / DC 5V
Product Size:‎4.7 x 4.7 x 4.1 inches
Light Color:RGB
Power method:‎USB Powered
Functions:Built-in Bluetooth speaker, Sound activated, Night Light mode.

7. GEJRIO Fog Machine with 16 Controllable Light Colors

GEJRIO Fog Machine with 16 Controllable Light Colors

If you are expecting to host an enthralling night of endless fun, nothing works better than a fog machine to set the right mood. This fog machine comes with a 250ml tank and it shoots out lots of smoke. Besides, you can use this smoke machine without any scruples because it doesn’t produce any toxic gas.

Although it’s a fog machine, it does equip with 8 RGB lights, and there are 16 adjustable colors & 4 special effects include fade, strobe, flash, and smooth. When it sprays the smoke, it can be activated with light effects together. They are popular accessories for creating a spooky atmosphere

The fog machine can be controlled via a wireless remote handle, you can control it within a 50-meter radius, press the remote button once to get continuous fog, and one key to stop.

Brand / ASIN:
Smoke spray distance:4-5 meters
Product Size:9.06 x 4.72 x 3.94 inches
Light Color:8pcs RGB Lights
Wattage / Power method:500W / AC plug in
Functions:Overheat Protection, Smoke and Lights Combine, Remote control

8. SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect Stage Disco Light DMX Control

SAHAUHY Four Beam Effect Stage Disco Light DMX Control

This is a very professional disco light that does not only come with four separated light beams which are really bright but it also creates a vast amount of patterns from Christmas trees to numbers that match the rhythm of the music. When this machine is on, it’s like you’re getting professional light effects at your event, party, or get-together.

Unlike the other disco party lights are just with one light source, this stage light is with individual four light sources. Each of them has different settings and different effects, such as lasers and colorful patterns. The combination of these lights effects together can fill up the whole room and create a fantastic atmosphere.

What’s more, it’s with mini moving headlights and it’s DMX control! With DMX control you can set the lights into various modes and if you’re a DJ, you can also add some different effects to the events. Additionally, the sound mode where it reacts to the volume, beat, and rhythm of the song worked incredibly well.

Brand / Part Number:SAHAUHY / ‎EBL-4
Wattage / Voltage: 50W / 110~240V
Product Size:9.06 x 4.72 x 3.94 inches
Light Pattern:Red/Blue beam light and Red/Green pattern Light
Control Channel:11 DMX-512 signal channels
Control Mode:AUTO/Sound active/DMX/Master-Slave mode

9. Yuiisenn Rotating Disco Ball Light with Bluetooth Speaker

Yuiisenn Rotating Disco Ball Light with Bluetooth Speaker

This is a very cute disco ball light when you place it on a table or countertop. Its small and portable design allows you to take it anywhere and turn a party moment with it. It’s with 7 colors and all the colors can be alternated in 4 colors combinations. And it’s powered by a Micro USB cable which is very convenient to plug in.

The disco ball light can be rotating and you can control the rotation speed on the remote control: slow, medium, fast, faster. What’s more, it’s sound-activated, the lights can flash according to the music playing. And, it’s a Bluetooth speaker. You can connect your phone or plug a USB flash dish in port to play your favorite song while lights show.

Brand / ASIN:Yuiisenn / B092MJSVV3
Voltage:110~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Product Size:‎4.13 x 4.13 x 5.98 inches
Light colors:7 colors
Power method:USB
Functions:Bluetooth speaker, Sound activated, Remote control

Buyer’s Guide

Disco lights give us so much fun when holding parties. They have a wide range of purposes and are suitable for all parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, karaoke events, Christmas, and other special occasions, etc. Whether you’re a professional DJ, or simply love creating a lively and energetic party atmosphere, owning a set of disco lights can really help you capture unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Take a look at our informative buyer’s guide to learn more about party disco lamps and the factors that should be considered before buying them.

Benefits of LED Disco Lights

There are lots of benefits when it comes to disco lights. It creates a pleasant atmosphere along with good music and the person who is on the dance floor becomes much happier. Another benefit is disco light can change the look of your place into full of colors and lively, people will also get motivated and rise from the table and dance. Now, the market is filled with various disco lights and party lights, check below the additional benefits you can acquire from it.

Compact Design and Easy Operation

Compare to the stage lights, disco lights are small in size and with compact design, most of them are just half of the iPhone’s size. It doesn’t look awkward when used at home, especially for the limited areas such as living rooms or bedrooms, these compact disco lights fit properly. Moreover, their compact nature allows you to use it anywhere with just a USB port, or just plug it into the AC outlet to start your home party event.

Remote Control

Disco lamps have a remote-control feature that allows you to control their light and sound flexibly. No matter you’re a professional DJ or just a new player, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to manipulate the light to set your desired lighting mood. Normally with the remote, you can set different light colors from a single color or mixed colors and light patterns such as strobe, twinkle, etc, as well as the light speed and music modes.

Sound Activated

Sound-activated disco lights can automatically change colors or speed according to the rhythm of the surrounding music in sequence. This sound-activated feature is easy to create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, makes your party more thrilling.

Bluetooth Connection

To create a terrific party or memorable event, it’s important to have music playing during your entire party. Fortunately, most of the disco lights are equipped with Bluetooth speaker function, which enables you to play music for the type of party your want. And, if you want people to be dancing, you can also play fun, upbeat music and include songs that have their own dance like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

What to Look for in Disco Lights?

When you’re picking the disco lights for the upcoming party, the impact of lighting cannot be underestimated since different disco lights will contribute different lighting effects. Good lighting is so essential for the success of a party. Depends on the places where you’re going to throw a party and the party theme, we will share some tips on what should be taken into consideration when looking for a disco light for your party.

1. How much area that the disco lights can cover

Before making a decision to buy the light, you need to know the size of the area in which you are going to place the disco lights. To make sure the light can project to the entire room, you need to choose a lighting system that is big enough and powerful enough. In different brands of disco lighting, an effective illumination area and wattage are usually mentioned, always check it before purchasing one.

Normally for smaller party lights, the power is around 3-5w, which is not powerful enough to cover a big area, such as living rooms or wedding stage. If you want to play in venues for larger crowds, you will either need more quantity of them or go with a bigger one with higher wattage such as 10w or 50w higher.

2. What’s the material

It’s a known fact that LED lights will produce lots of heat when working, especially for disco lights and projector lights, they produce more heat than other regular light fixtures. To ensure the light has a long life span and operates properly, it’s crucial that the heat can be conducted quickly. Otherwise, it’s a big chance that the lights will fade out and light color also varies.

When it comes to heat conduction, materials like metal, aluminum, copper are with better heat dissipation than plastic. Depends on the size of the lights, normally bigger lights are made with metal material to ensure good heat dissipation and good quality. For some high-power stage lights, it’s even with a cooling fan inside to conduct heat out.

3. Light Patterns and Light Modes

The light colors emitted by the disco lights are similar, they’re normally in single colors like red, green, blue, yellow, etc or with mixed colors together. However, the light patterns generated by disco lights could be different. Some party lights project starry stars or irregular lines, while other karaoke lights emit regular light patterns.

And for the light modes, it depends on the functionality of the lights. One could be with many operating modes, but some just with 2 – 3 lighting modes. For example,  some disco lights can change patterns automatically or in time with the music, and another can sync with the music beat, while some are with rotating speed and flash modes. Choose what patterns/modes you like for the event, it will help in creating a rocking atmosphere at a party.

Disco Light Patterns with Laser effect

4. Does it have a Laser effect?

Be aware that not all the disco lights are with laser. Ordinary disco lights are just with multi-color effects and project different light patterns onto the wall or floor. But light with lasers can create a much more impressive effect, like a 3D laser light show. Normally disco lights with laser effect are with additional light beams projected by the separated LED lights.

5. Installation and Power Methods

Most of the disco lights are with mounting brackets, so you can install them on the ceiling to make it hanging, or install them on the wall. Before you do the installation, be sure to check out the outlet position. Since the disco lights mainly use an AC adapter or USB cable, with a 2-meter long cable, if the outlet is too far to connect, you will need to find an extension cord or adjust the install position.

Some disco lights come with a 360° rotating suction cup, which can help you fix the party light on glass, ceramic, or any other smooth surface. And some are equipped with a standing base, so you can place the lights on a table to shine straight out a wall. These accessories give you more options while installing the lights and it’s more convenient to plug in the wall outlet.

What Theme You Want to Create for the Party?

When you’re planning a party, you need to know what’s the party for. Is it a birthday party, or it’s a wedding party, maybe just a house party? When the theme of the party is confirmed, then you can look for the disco lights that can meet your needs. If you’re throwing a home party, then there are plenty of affordable options that can choose from.

However, if you’re planning a big party and with DJ, you will need a pro-level stage lighting system. You need to look at options offering more functions and more features, and it’s more reliable to use on the stage without things go wrong, such as with moving head feature, DMX control, etc.

Add a Disco Ball to Liven up Your Party

Disco balls are a great way to liven up the party atmosphere. When party lights are shine on the disco ball, the ball casts reflected light on surrounding surfaces and creates a vivid display. Install the disco ball together with spotlights, which make the place more of a karaoke feel and set fire to people’s passion. And there are various sizes of disco balls available in the market, you can select the one that is most suitable for the room space.

Various Sizes of Disco Ball available

Consider Using a Smoke Machine

Besides the disco ball you add to the party, consider adding a smoke machine to upgrade the party to another level. The white smoke it generated creat a wonderful effect and a hazy feeling. Plus, the LED effects on the smoke with changing colors and shifting patterns, it makes the light visible and fill up the room with a three-dimensional display. The smoke effect with colorful lights distinguish from other common party, it emphasizes on the theme that you want to bring to your guests.

DMX Control

DMX stands for Digital Multiplexing and it’s a lighting control protocol which allows users to have ultimate control over their lighting needs. DMX-supported light fixtures are able to communicate with each other and can be synchronized and used together coherently.

For home users, the light is activated by music or controlled by a remote should be fine. But for those who are seriously into lighting control, who are professional DJs, DMX control party light is practically a must. If you purchase a DMX compatible disco light, you will also need to prepare yourself a DMX console and DMX cable or laptop which communicates with them over the DMX protocol.

DMX Control Party Disco Light System

*Photo by dmxusb.com


With disco lights turn on, it can create a party atmosphere and instantly transform your home into a karaoke place, they are great for entertainment activities. Disco lights are in compact design but also versatile that can meet your party’s lighting requirements. The above mentioned factors along with our buyer’s guide should give you full info to make a suitable buying choice.

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