8 Best LED Flame Lights (Buyer’s Guide)

by Jessica | Updated on: 5th-June, 2022

8 Best LED Flame Lights (Buyer’s Guide)

In addition to the candle lanterns, LED flame lights are another amazing home decor that creates a passionate atmosphere and friendly glow. Their flickering flame effects look like just the dancing fire and add a warm, welcoming ambiance, which is best for cold winter and Christmas celebrations. Plus, LED flame lights are safer than candlelights and will not have the risk of fire hazards.

What’s more, these flickering flame lamps are also mood setters and are widely used as holiday accent lighting. They come in various types that can be used to decorate both the interior and exterior, perfect for special events and occasions. If you’re looking to purchase one or two of them to enhance the decor in your space, read further and follow our guide to get the best LED flame lights on the market.

Best LED Flame Lights Round-up

1. LED Flickering Flame Light Bulb E26 3W2. Flickering Flame Light Bulb with 4 Modes3. Candelabra Flame Light Bulb E12 Base 3 Modes4. Solar Torch Light with Flickering Flame5. Flickering Flame Outdoor Solar Wall Lights6. USB Rechargeable Flame Table Lamp Campfire7. LED Vintage Flickering Flame Camping Lantern8. Solar String Lights with Flickering Flame Effect
1. HUDSON LED Flickering Flame Light Bulb E26 3W2. CPPSLEE Flickering Flame Light Bulb with 4 Modes
3. OHLGT Candelabra Flame Light Bulb E12 Base 3 Modes
4. TomCare Solar Torch Light with Flickering Flame
5. Aityvert Flickering Flame Outdoor Solar Wall Lights
6. PDGROW USB Rechargeable Flame Table Lamp Campfire
7. ‎Yinuo Candle LED Vintage Flickering Flame Camping Lantern
8. TomCare Solar String Lights with Flickering Flame Effect
√ Energy Saving,
√ Standard E26/E27 screw base,
√ Gravity effect,
√ Realistic flame effect.
√ 4 lighting modes,
√ Easy to install,
√ Standard E26/E27 screw base,
√ Energy Saving.
√ 3 Lighting Effects,
√ Candle shape look,
√ Standard E12 screw base,
√ Excellent heat dissipation.
√ Built-in rechargeable battery,
√ Weather resistance
√ Run on solar energy
√ Landscape Auto On/Off
√ Auto On/Off
√ Solar powered,
√ IP65 Waterproof,
√ Wiring Free
√ 4 lighting modes,
√ Magnet Base & Hanging Hook,
√ USB Rechargeable,
√ Real Flame Effect.
√ Dual-mode,
√ Infrared Remote Control,
√ Vintage rustic design,
√ Portable with a hook.
√ Dancing Flames Design,
√ Solar Powered,
√ Micro-USB port,
√ IP65 Waterproof.
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1. HUDSON LED Flickering Flame Light Bulb E26 3W

HUDSON LED Flickering Flame Light Bulb E26 3W

This LED flame light bulb is the most common type and suitable to fit in any fixture with a standard E26 socket. It only consumes 3w of power and features a 360-degree beam angle that lights up all around. When it’s on, the realistic flickering flame effect makes you think it’s burning like a real fire. Plus, the realistic flame effect creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

With all these flicker LEDs they are not for general lighting but for decoration, it really looks like lighting from a small fire but without the hazard. If you consider setting a unique mood, this fired bulb adds a very different and unique ambiance to any room, it would be a great accent lighting effect for Halloween parties or Christmas decor!

Brand / Part Number:‎HUDSON BULB CO. / ‎43211-930
Shade Material:Glass
Power / Base Type:3W 200lm / E26
Beam Angle:360-degree beam
Lighting Mode:Single mode with Upside down gravity effect

2. CPPSLEE Flickering Flame Light Bulb with 4 Modes

CPPSLEE Flickering Flame Light Bulb with 4 Modes

Most LED flame lights are only with single mode that the light is just flickering, while this one is with a total of 4 lighting modes for you to display. The 4 lighting effects include flame emulation mode, breathing mode, general light mode, and gravity-induced mode. To get the desired lighting effect, quickly turn on/off the switch, the bulb will switch to the next mode.

This E26 base flame light bulb is with a gravity sensor to enable the flame to reverse direction if the bulb is flipped upside down. It gives off a great glow with a very realistic flame and also adds an extra touch to Halloween or New Year. When you put it outside the backyard porch and from distance looking at the house, it really looks like a gas flame. Overall, if you want to add something special to the outside or indoor, these bulbs really kick out the light.

Power / Voltage:3W / 85-265v
Base Type:E26
Dimension:6.1*2.3*2.3 in (155*58*58 mm)
Beam Angle:360-degree beam
Lighting Mode:Total 4 Lighting Effects

3. OHLGT Candelabra Flame Light Bulb E12 Base 3 Modes

OHLGT Candelabra Flame Light Bulb E12 Base 3 Modes

The candle-like flame bulb is perfect to create a flame-like look for the chandelier for a Halloween party, and they also look nice in artificial pumpkins. The realistic flame glows and pulses without looking like a blinking Christmas light. In addition, these candelabra flame light bulbs are with three light modes: flames, breathing, and steady. The light modes are easily adjusted by switch on-off. 

And it consumes only 1.5 watts, very energy-saving yet bright enough to see details in the scene, but not overpowering. If you’re looking to make a soft candle light effect to add to the Christmas window display or to the Halloween decor, or you want to put the bulbs into a hanging pendant-style light fixture on a front porch, these fire light bulbs will work exactly as your wish.

Brand / ASIN:OHLGT / B081H2B3ZW
Power / Voltage:1.5W / 110-240v
Base Type:E12
Dimension:ø1.48 x 4.52inches
Color Temperature:1800k
Lighting Mode:3 Lighting Effects: Flames, Breathing, and Steady.

4. TomCare Solar Torch Light with Flickering Flame

TomCare Solar Torch Light with Flickering Flame

If you want to add an enthusiastic vibe to the outdoor areas, such as back yard patio, garden, this TomCare solar torch light with the flickering flame effect would be a good choice. It’s solar-powered so no need to do the wiring to electricity and they turn on and off automatically so that you don’t have to go outside and fiddle with them.

When the torch light turns on at night, the movement of the “flame” is quite convincing from a distance, it’s very much like a true flame. But unless you are at a distance, you can tell it’s LED. As to the working time, it’s equipped with a 2200mAh battery, the light can last 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after being fully charged.

Brand / Part Number:TomCare / B071FFJFWH
Charging Time:8 Hrs (influenced by weather condition)
Dimension:4.7 x 4.7 x 32.67 inches
Features:Waterproof and Durable, Flickering Flame Effect.

5. Aityvert Flickering Flame Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

Aityvert Flickering Flame Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

Do you need to decorate your outer wall by adding some accent lighting, such as curtain lights, wall lights, etc? If yes, this solar flickering led flame light from Aityvert is the best option for your preference. It’s IP65 waterproof and durable, and it’s with a built-in high capacity and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Also, it’s with a dark sensor that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

In addition, not only does it have this sweet real flame light effect they also give your space a cool red and orange glow in which you can enjoy walking around in at night! Therefore, if you’d like to have a dancing flame against the wall of your house and create a pleasant ambiance, we highly recommend this one.

Brand / Part Number:Aityvert / YU9605-6
Charging Time: 8-10Hrs (influenced by weather condition)
Material:ABS plastic
Dimension:‎3.78 x 2.09 x 7.09 inches
Features:Waterproof and Durable, Flickering Flame Effect.

6. PDGROW USB Rechargeable Flame Table Lamp Campfire

PDGROW USB Rechargeable Flame Table Lamp Campfire

This is a multifunctional LED flame table lamp that you can put on any tabletop or hang it up with the built-in hook. It’s USB rechargeable and can last around 2 weeks after a full charge. What’s more, it has multiple levels of brightness to adjust the flame mode and you can also set a timer to automatically turn it off after 1/2/3/4 hours’ lighting.

In addition, the flame table lamp has 4 lighting modes: realistic dancing flames, soft slow breathing flames, warm constant light, and gravity-induced modes. You can use it as a holiday decoration light for special occasions such as Halloween or Christmas, or you can place it in fixture holders such as lanterns, frosted glass containers, or porch lights for DIY purposes.

Wattage:‎5 watts ‎(150lm)
Charging Time:4 hours
Material:‎Plastic, Metal
Dimension:‎2.68 x 2.68 x 5.12 inches
Features:Dimmable, Timing function, Rechargeable, 4 lighting mode

7. ‎Yinuo Candle LED Vintage Flickering Flame Camping Lantern

‎Yinuo Candle LED Vintage Flickering Flame Camping Lantern

If you want to create the best outdoor ambiance, try this LED vintage flickering flame lantern. It’s very easy to use and has two lighting modes: a bright daylight and a flaming fire light. When in flaming fire light mode, the flickering creates a very sophisticated ambiance and complements very nicely your outdoor dinner table’s decor. The knob on the lantern can easily switch to either mode.

In addition, this flickering flame lantern puts out a lot of light for being powered with only 3 AA batteries. Plus, it includes an infrared remote, thus it can be controlled via the remote or knob switch. Its deep bronze patina finish easily goes with many styles, whether you’re using it on the patio or taking it on your first camping trip, you’ll just love them!

Brand / Part Number:‎Yinuo Candle / T00014
Power Source:‎Battery Powered
Material:‎Plastic and Glass
Features:Dual-mode, Remote control, Portable

8. TomCare Solar String Lights with Flickering Flame Effect

TomCare Solar String Lights with Flickering Flame Effect

Previously we have introduced the best outdoor string lights, which add a special vibe to our patio, backyard areas. However, if you want to create a  warm, dancing flame ambiance, try these solar string led flame lights. It’s equipped with 10 led flame effect bulbs, each bulb is approximately 1.64 feet distance, all are integrated into a 24.7 feet long strand.

This flickering flame string light is not only solar powered but also can be powered by the micro-USB port. So, it can be used either indoor or outdoor. In addition, the light comes with a stake for the solar panel, you can install the panel in the ground to reach more solar energy. And, it’s also with zip ties included for easy installation. Overall, it could be used and create a great nighttime ambiance!

Brand / Part Number:TomCare / ‎SZ-19013
Solar Panel:5.5 V, 1.5W
Power Source:Solar Powered or USB charged
Material:ABS plastic
Dimension:Total Length: 24.5 ft
Features:Flickering Flame Effect, Solar Powered, USB.

Buyer’s Guide

LED flame lights give you the flickering flame effect just like the real candle does and it is without any of the fire hazards. If you’re looking for a way to add decorative light to your space on special days or festivals, LED flame lamps could be a great option. So, how to choose the best LED flame lights? Read our complete buyer’s guide to find the right pick for your space.

What Are LED Flame Lights?

LED flame lights are 360-degree luminous flame lamps, which can simulate the effect of flame flickering. They consist of a lampshade, an internal light source, and a lamp base. The flickering flame effect is controlled by the PWM signal. When the flame light is on, the “fire” is jumping in all directions at 360 degrees, create an effect that is lively with a bright, beautiful glow, just like a real burning fire. Moreover, it’s noiseless and has low power consumption.

What kind of LED Flame Lights Should I Use?

LED flame lights come in a variety of designs and shapes, they can be used to add a special mood outdoor, or you can also use them for interior decoration. Depending on the installation method and power source, there are several types of flame lights that can be considered.

If you’re using it for outdoor areas, such as gardens, patios, on the deck, or at the cottage, solar LED flames lights will be the best option, as they use solar energy and you do not need to bother the cabling. Secondly, since it’s used outdoor, the waterproof function is critically important. Most LED flame lights are not waterproof hence they’re not suitable to use outside, but solar flame lights are workable.

If you want to enhance the indoor ambiance, LED flame light bulbs, flaming lanterns, or USB-powered table lamps could be the solution. LED flame light bulbs are used to install in the lamp holder, the lamp base could be E26 or E14, make sure it matches the lamp holder before purchasing.

Features of LED Flickering Lights

Flickering flame lights have many features and functions that you can benefit from. Before selecting the best flame light model, we’ve concluded the following 5 main features for your further understanding.

  • Realistic Flame Effect but No Fire Hazard

The most distinctive feature of LED flame lights is their flickering flame effect, it’s just like the real fire flame if you look at a distance. The realistic flame feature makes it the best alternative to the wax candle, and since the light bulb produces very little heat, it’s also very safe to use.  Besides, you don’t need to worry about a flame spreading, leaving the bulbs on without supervision, or watching for soot or wax. What you need to worry about is making sure the required wattage for the light bulb doesn’t exceed the allowance of the base.

  • Multiple Lighting Modes to Display

Besides the flickering flame mode, LED flame light bulbs are also with the other modes for you to set different light effects. For example, the light can run on the general light mode that will keep the light on to be used as a normal LED bulb. Another is breathing mode which enables the lamp to slowly pulse, creating a peaceful mood. Lastly is the gravity-induced mode, in this mode the flame can reverse direction if flipped upside down.

  • Energy Saving

Unlike traditional light (CFL or filament bulb), LED flame light bulb consumes only 1-3w, but its brightness is equal to a 26w incandescent light. It’s more energy saving and with a longer lifetime, up to 50,000 hours. Although LED bulbs may cost a little more upfront, they use up to 90% less energy. In the long run, this can save you money on your energy bills.

  • Produce Less Heat

Traditional lights such as incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps produce a great deal of heat after a long period of use, as a result of making the bulbs’ surface very hot. While LED flames lights produce less heat because of the LED technology, they burn cooler so you no longer have to worry about burning yourself while accidentally touching the lights. This feature makes them popular to use under the cabinet or closet, bedside, etc.

  • Wide Application

LED flame lights can be used as accent lighting that you can draw the public’s attention, you can also use them for home decoration, remodeling your home style by adding various flame lights to the space. And, they’re also a great addition to special events or festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year Eve, Wedding parties, and so on.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying LED Flame Lights

It’s not difficult to find LED flames lights in the market, since there are many of them ranging from various styles and functions. But if you haven’t known about LED flame lights, and it’s your first time to try these flickering flame bulbs, before you go shopping, there are several important things you need to know.

  • Flame Bulb Size

LED flame light bulbs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and their base type also varies. The most common flickering flame bulbs are the E26 and E12 base types. Most E26 flame blubs measure between 4 and 6 inches high and about 2.3 inches in diameter. While E12 blubs are narrow at just 1.5 inches in diameter, which is thinner like the candle.

Generally, size E26 bulbs will fit most standard light fixtures as they’re with E26 holders, e.g. wall lights, porch lights, and most lamps. As for the E12 base bulbs, they are for chandeliers, candelabra, and other smaller decorative lamps. E12 flame candle bulbs fit perfectly on each stick of your candelabra and they are the ideal alternative for candles.

  • Shape of the Bulb

Most flame light bulbs have a cylindrical shape that differs from the Globe Light Bulbs like the standard incandescent bulb or LED bulb. This allows the bulb to better create the look of a flame. The cylindrical light bulbs are also known as Tubular (T-shape) bulbs, such as T8, T10, etc. Numbers in each code refer to the bulb’s diameter in one-eighth of an inch, for instance: T10 bulb: 10/8 = 1-1/4″ diameter.

The other popular flame light bulbs are similar to the shape of incandescent E12 bulbs, they resemble the shape of a candle flame and are often referred to as candle bulbs. They are also known as Conical angular (CA) bulbs which are shaped like a cone but have a bent tip. These E12 base flame bulbs can be used in chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, night lights, holiday light strands, and other decorative home lighting applications.

  • Easy Installation

LED lights can serve their purpose only when it’s well installed. Therefore, before buying the flame lights, you need to be sure the place where you’re going to install the lamp will have the installation condition to fit or connect with the lamp. For instance, if you want to decorate your outside wall with wall lights, then you need to check whether there are cables coming out, so the light can be wired and powered. If not, then you need to consider solar light, which is free wiring. (If the place is back to the sun, with limited solar energy, then you should consider battery-powered light.)

  • Waterproof or Not

Be aware that most flame light bulbs are not waterproof, which means you can not directly expose them to the outside or they will burn out on rainy days. You need to place it in an outdoor lamp fixture with a cover that can stop water from infiltrating inside. If it’s the flame light fixture, read the specification before you buy it. Normally, for outdoor applications, it will have a clear mark such as IP65 or outdoor used or weather-resistant, if not, it’s very likely they’re only suitable for indoor use.

  • Color Options For Various Festival

Most LED flame bulbs produce large yellow and orange-red flame-like effect, which is awesome for Halloween but isn’t suitable for Christmas decoration, as Christmas is normally based on the traditional red, green, blue, or white. However, there are also some other lamps that come with red, green, or even purple colors, these colors are not only suitable for the Halloween season, but also for Christmas. And they really add an atmosphere to the space. If you are not a fan of traditional flame colors, you can also look for different color options.

Will The Flame Reverse Direction If Flipped Upside Down?

The answer is Yes! Since many flame light bulbs are with gravity mode that allows them to detect the direction and reverse direction, so the flame always flickers upward. So, whether you hold the bulb vertically with the base at the bottom, or you put the bulb in the ceiling fixture with the base upward, the flame pattern will always burn upward. This is suitable to use for every kind of light fixture and helps maintain an authentic look for it.

Can I Make The Flame Flicker Slower?

Unfortunately, there is no “speed” control on the flicker, in flickering mode, the speed is set to make it look like a real flame. But, if you feel the flash is too fast, you can switch the mode to breathing mode. In this mode, the lamp will flash much slowly. When you turn on/turn off the bulb, you can see that the mode will be changed.

Does Flame Light AttractiveTo Bugs?

Different kinds of insects have their own preferences and cannot be generalized. Like a moth to a flame, insects are drawn to bright lights because they confuse the animals’ navigational systems. In fact, insects attracted to lights are mainly based on the wavelength of light. Generally, the lower the wavelength of light, the less visible it is to most bugs. That means red, orange, and yellow are the colors least visible to a bug.

If your flame lights emit orange or yellow lights, the bugs are not attracted to the lights. But, if it emits blue light, it is more visible to a bug, so that would not be a good choice. If you happen to have an ultraviolet light bulb, bugs will be more attracted to that wavelength even more than blue.


In this winter, now you have another lighting gadget to warm your space, even you’re organizing a party, you can also use the lights to decorate. These flickering flame lights combine aesthetic pleasure and energy-saving function together, they can be one of the most affordable home decors. If you have other thoughts about it, feel free to let us know or leave your comments below.

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