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How to clean various types of lighting fixtures in your home
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How to Properly Clean Various Types of Lighting Fixtures in Your Home?

With the popularization of lighting awareness among the general public, home lighting has begun to diversify. From a light bulb, and a T8/T5 tube to ceiling lights, recessed lights, spotlights, chandeliers, and so on, the home lighting environment has evolved from simple illumination to creating an atmosphere, layers, and even visual health. Everything is wonderful, except for one not-so-wonderful thing: we use them so frequently every day, yet we don’t know that lighting fixtures also need to be cleaned, and we have never even thought about cleaning them.


From interior general lighting to exterior landscape lighting, light helps uplift the visual appeal of your home. Creating the best lighting effects require full understanding of light feature and design. To help you make the confident choice on your LED light needs, we have developed a comprehensive review of all the popular kinds of LED lights, along with a complete guide. Have a glimpse at them and select for yourself the best lighting products.

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