17 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors Review and Guide

17 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors (Buyer’s Guide)

We have discussed a lot of different lighting for various applications, such as the under cabinet lights applied for the kitchen, the bedside table lamps in the bedroom, as well as the night light series that help you get away the fear of darkness. These lightings give you extra accent light to where the main lighting cannot illuminate, so you can do your task well. Similarly, when it comes to...
10 Best Patio Umbrella Lights Reviews

12 Best Patio Umbrella Lights Reviews

How many times have you found yourself sitting around the patio table in your yard, relaxing with your family, and enjoying a perfect day of it? It’s one of the quality time that we can leave the work behind and just relish the pleasant moment. But it can be hard to keep the pleasant moment going once the sun goes down. As the evening cools and sitting outside in the dark isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a great time, right?
Best Touch Control Night Lights - Penglight

10 Best Touch Control Night Lights (Complete Guide)

Previously we have discussed the night light series, they are a small gadget but play a big role in our daily life. At night, they light up the way for us to navigate well in the middle of the night without fumbling. And for children, they help them get rid of the fears of darkness to have warm and better sleep. But, if you do not merely settle for the “light” function, and...
The Best Window Curtain Lights - Complete Guide

12 Best Window Curtain Lights (Buyer’s Guide)

Window curtain lights are a great home decor and they spice up any occasion. They are cool accent lighting that they create a beautiful ambiance for your home, or for weddings, Christmas, or any other meaningful event. And during such a special occasion, we do need something dazzling to put on our window, our door, and even in our bedroom to bring a...
15 Best Under Cabinet Lights - PenglightPenglight

16 Best Under Cabinet Lights (Ultimate Guide)

In the last post, we have discussed the table lamp for your bedroom, today we are going to introduce another important task lighting – Under Cabinet Lights. Before we start, in addition to the bedroom, think about what’s the other space that we spend most of the time on it?
16 Best Bedside Table Lamps (Complete Guide)

16 Best Bedside Table Lamps For a Sound Sleep

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the only one you spend 1/3 times a day. And it’s involved in so many of your daily activities, from waking, dressing, and getting ready for your busy day to winding down and resting at the end of it. So, how do you select versatile and functional lighting for such an important space?
Best Stick On Night Lights (Full Guide)

15 Best Stick On Night Lights (Full Guide)

Stick on night lights are another one of the best night lights we’re going to share with you today. In our last post, we have introduced the high practicability and versatility of the plug-in night lights and portable night lights, however, stick-on night lights are one kind of lights that you can place anywhere, without the limit of outlets and electricity.
Get The Best Shipping Quote - PenglightPenglight

How To Get The Best Shipping Quote? (9 Tips)

If you’re importing products from China, suppliers are not the only party you will deal with, you also need to negotiate with freight forwarders in order to get the best shipping quote. We know that the shipping cost can play such an important part in your bottom line. Sometimes, a good product can become unprofitable product because...
How To Start Amazon FBA Business - PenglightPenglight

5 Safe And Practical Ways To Start Amazon FBA Business

A lot of you want to start the side business so you can make a lot of money. Of course, we all want to. But a lot of you have not even taken that first step to start the sourcing process, why? because of fear. I understand completely, so in this article, I’m going to give you some practical advice on how to start Amazon...