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20 Best Plug In Night Lights (Complete Guide)

Night lights are common in our home, we can feel more secure with a light on provides. Especially for children or adults who find it hard to sleep in completely dark rooms, night lights can relieve their fear of the dark and help them sleep better.
9 Things You Must Know Before Start dropshipping business

Dropshipping Is Not As Good As You Think, 9 Things You Must Know Before Start

Now with the popularization of E-commerce, people start buying products online more frequently than shopping at physical stores. Amazon, eBay, AliExpress are some of the popular eCommerce platforms for people to shop online. To take advantage…
Best Tri-proof lights - Complete Guide Penglight

How to Choose The Best Tri-proof Lights? (Complete Guide)

When it comes to LED tri-proof lights, we are all familiar with these luminaires. It’s waterproof, robust, and versatile. Thanks to their outstanding performance, the tri-proof lights have been widely used in many applications. To serve different purposes, there are lots of new designs of tri-proof lights in the market now, giving us more options to choose the best tri-proof lights for our projects. But when it comes to buying tri-proof lighting...
Ranking List of Light Factories in China

Ranking List | China’s Top 10 Export Markets for LED Lights in 2018

If you are seeking information about what your competitors are importing, which suppliers they are working with, which market has the potential for your products, and what products are with the biggest requirements, then this article is quite helpful for you.
IP Ratings for LED Lights

IP Rating – Complete Guide

When installing lights in your garden, warehouse, and even kitchen, you want to know how waterproof your lighting is. Because this ensures that you can install and use your lighting fixtures safely in a specific area. The IP Rating (or…
UL Type A LED Tube

4 Types Of LED Tubes: Type A, Type B, Type C And Type A+B

You may have heard of some people refer to LED Tubes as Type A, Type B or Type C tubes. What does that mean? And, if you’re considering upgrading your fluorescent tubes to LED tubes, or are simply thinking of replacing other LED…
Outdoor Light Distribution

What Are Light Distribution Types Defined By IESNA and NEMA?

There are a lot of important factors to look at when choosing the right LED light fixture. Lumens per watt, fixture type, driver performance, color temperatures are all super important. But how about light distribution? Light distribution is basically the projected pattern of light a fixture will disperse onto a surface.
5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Sourcing Company

5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Sourcing Company

In the last post, I have written why you need a sourcing agent? Now you know the importance of having a sourcing agent on your side to help you with import business, it gets you relieved from many unnecessary paperwork and gives you more…
tariff on led products

How “3R Strategy” Helps You Avoid The LED Tariffs?

After first round of 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of products imported from China, the Trump administration imposes another 10% tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, both of the tariff lists are including led lighting products,…

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