Previously, we have discussed the table lamp for your bedroom, today we are going to introduce another important task lighting – Under Cabinet Lights. Before we start, in addition to the bedroom, think about what’s the other space that we spend most of the time on it?

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the only one you spend 1/3 times a day. And it’s involved in so many of your daily activities, from waking, dressing, and getting ready for your busy day to winding down and resting at the end of it. So, how do you select versatile and functional lighting for such an important space?

Stick on night lights are another one of the best night lights we’re going to share with you today. In our last post, we have introduced the high practicability and versatility of the plug-in night lights and portable night lights, however, stick-on night lights are one kind of lights that you can place anywhere, without the limit of outlets and electricity.

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What is the first impression you have when you enter someone’s house? The interior design? The classy furniture? The antique chandelier? These might surely grab your attention, but do you realize what makes you get mesmerized by them?
The lighting, of course.

The plug-in type night lights feature a compact design, energy-saving and with built-in light sensor, it helps us get through at night and give a soothing sleep environment. Besides the plug in night lights, there are another night lights that are also the most favorite – the Portable Night Lights

Night lights are common in our home, we can feel more secure with a light on provides. Especially for children or adults who find it hard to sleep in completely dark rooms, night lights can relieve their fear of the dark and help them sleep better.