The Best LED Lights Home Decor in 2024

by Joey Pang | Updated On: June 9th, 2024

The Best LED Lights Home Decor in 2019

What is the first impression you have when you enter someone’s house, is it the interior design? The classy furniture? Or, the antique chandelier? These might surely grab your attention, but do you realize what makes you get mesmerized by them?

The lighting, of course.

Yes, lighting is one such key element that can make your living space go from ‘drab to fab’. With perfect lighting fixtures, you can turn any corner of your room into a picturesque space. And when it comes to home decoration, LED lights flaunt certainly top the list of modern lighting methods.

In fact, most designers believe that every room, be it your bedroom, living room, corridor, staircase, or for that matter even your bathroom, must have at least one piece of decorative light that stands out like a piece of art in the room.

Thanks to the development of SSL lighting, there are so many kinds of fancy led lights you can choose for your home decoration in the market. Whatever you choose to use, ensure it fuses well with the décor theme of the house.

Here are some excellent choices of led lights home decor to illuminate your home.

Best LED Lights Home Decor Round-up

1. Gbtroo Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce for Home Decor2. Lightshare LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light for Home Decoration3. LED String Lights Home Decor4. Sparkling Curtain LED Lights Home Decor5. LED Tea Light Candle Home Decor6. Rustic Candle Lights for Home Decor8. LED Twig Lighted Branches for Home Decoration13. LED Outdoor Decorative Globe String Lights
1. Gbtroo Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce for Home Decor2. Lightshare LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light for Home Decoration3. Twinkle Star LED String Lights Home Decor4. Tencoz Sparkling Curtain LED Lights Home Decor5. PChero LED Tea Light Candle Home Decor6. ‎LED Lytes Rustic Candle Lights for Home Decor7. Darice Marquee Alphabet Sign LED Lights Home Decor8. LIGHTSHARE LED Twig Lighted Branches for Home Decoration9. Lightshare Artificial Lighted Palm Tree Home Decor10. Nexlux Decorative LED Strip Lights Kit Home Decor11. Impress Life Decorative String Fairy Lights12. Brightown LED Vanity Mirror Lights for Makeup Dressing Table13. Lemontec LED Outdoor Globe String Lights
*Mason jars wall hanging decor
*Battery operated
*6 hours timer
*Remote control
*36 LEDs cherry bonsai tree
*Battery or plug in powered
*Timer function
*8 modes settings
*Wall or curtain decorations
*IP44, available for outdoor use
*Star type curtain lights
*2 flash modes
*Battery or plug in powered
*Fake dripping wax design
*Timer function
*Battery operated
*Made with real wax
*Battery operated
*Remote control
*Marquee letter from A to Z
*On/off switch on the back
*Battery powered
*Wood natural willow twig
*Battery or plug in powered
*USB charge
*Most realistic palm tree
*5 feet or 7 feet tall option
*Makes beautiful accents
* 20 color changing and 8 flashing modes
*Remote control
*USB powered
*9 adorable shapes available
*Remote control
*Timer function
*USB or battery operated
*With 10 LED bulbs
*Dimmable & Connectable
*3M sticker in the back
*Easy and stress free installation
*25 feet long string light
*Connectable end to end
*Great for joyful occasions
*1 year warranty
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1. Gbtroo Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce for Home Decor

Gbtroo Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconce for Home Decor

If you love decorating your home with mason jars you are going to love the GBtroo rustic wall sconce. They look great and add just a beautiful modern rustic feel to your home.

The combination of wood and flowers gives this lighted sconce a real rustic feel. And of course, you’ll be able to enjoy that fairy light sparkle all year round!

These mason jar wall sconces radiate a rustic, farmhouse decor look, they are a perfect home decor on the wall. Hang these sconces in your dining room or add them to a bedroom for a romantic touch.

The hanging decoration includes 2 mason jars, 2 reclaimed wood, 2 strips of LED lights (batteries not included), and 2 hydrangea flowers.

2. Lightshare LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light for Home Decoration

Lightshare LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light for Home Decoration

When it comes to decorating and otherwise sprucing up your home, you might consider a few options such as succulent plants, easy-care flowers, and everything in between. Among them, the bonsai LED tree light may be your best bet.

This Lightshare LED cherry blossom bonsai light can be used as an indoor decoration in the home. It can be used with other lighting decorations to build a romantic and sweet atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, etc.

They are really beautiful and look absolutely amazing on tabletops and corners. It comes in two colors: pink and warm white. The cherry light features an On/Off switch and timer function, allowing you to have it go on and off automatically (6 hours on/18 hours off). It is 4AA battery-powered but it also includes a DC 3.6W adapter, so you can either use the batteries or a plug.

3. Twinkle Star LED String Lights Home Decor

Twinkle Star LED String Lights Home Decor

LED string lights are one of the best decorative lighting for home decor. It’s easy to use, durable, flexible, and versatile, you can get any decorative effect you needed with the string lights.

These Twinkle Star string lights are 6.6ft wide, and 9.8ft long, they are just the right length for a window about 2 doorways wide, perfect for curtain decoration. There are several settings to change the lighting effects from a constant to different flashing patterns.

The LED string lights are not only used indoors but can be also used for outdoor decoration. It’s waterproof, IP44 (the power and controller are non-waterproof).

Hanging them to your living room window for some gentle, ambient light, or covering your whole wall to get a romantic atmosphere, these led lights home decor can greatly serve its purpose.

4. Tencoz Sparkling Curtain LED Lights Home Decor

Tencoz Sparkling Curtain LED Lights Home Decor

These are really sparkling curtain led lights from Tencoz. They are with 138 super-bright LEDs, giving off a soft warm white and creating a warm and wonderful ambiance for your home.

The LED curtain lights have two mode options, one is constant light and another is a twinkling flashing pattern. Besides, there are two operation methods, you can either use a USB cable or 3 AA batteries to light the lamp up. If goes with battery-operated, the lamp can be placed in any position you want. Very convenient!

They make a perfect decoration for the holidays or everyday decorative use. If you’re decorating your home, bedroom, or living room, these sparkling curtain led lights can make it since it looks nice hanging up by the window.

5. PChero LED Tea Light Candle Home Decor

PChero LED Tea Light Candle Home Decor

These artificial LED tea light candles give a very realistic melted wax look and flicker just like an ordinary candle. They are great for your home decoration, holiday season or wedding, etc.

This PChero flameless votive tea light consists of 12 candles and they’re battery powered which will light up the room with beautiful amber color for a very long time.

Light up and turn off the candle are easily done by the timer function. Once you turn the candles on, they will light up for 6 hours, then they will turn off automatically for 18 hours in a 24 hours Cycle, no need to bother to turn the tea lights on and off every day.

This 12-piece set of LED tea light candles can be the option for what you need for the upcoming party, Christmas, or home decor.

6. ‎LED Lytes Rustic Candle Lights for Home Decor

‎LED Lytes Rustic Candle Lights for Home Decor

This ‎LED Lytes rustic candle light may be what you need for your home decoration or refurbishing. They are made from real wax with rustic silver painted on them and give off a great warm white light.

It’s battery-powered with remote control function. The remote makes it easy to turn off and on, and they are with a timer feature for you to set up your favorite options. You can set 4 hours or 8 hours. Also, you can set flashing mode on these candles, so they will look like a flickering flameless candle light when lit up.

With these rustic candle light, you enjoy the same candlelight but is delivered via LEDs and batteries. They also add a beautiful touch to your house. It will be a great addition to the party or upcoming Christmas!

7. Darice Marquee Alphabet Sign LED Lights Home Decor

Darice Marquee Alphabet Sign LED Lights Home Decor

Marquee lighting has exploded in popularity in recent years, you can spell your name out and put it on display in any room in your home. For example, “EAT” in your home kitchen, “LOVE” at a wedding, or add initials to a child’s room.

These Darice cordless marquee letters are 9.87” tall and made with metal. They are dry battery operated and include an On/Off switch on the back, it is the perfect addition to any event or space.

The marquee letter LED lights make excellent wall decor and create a vintage feel with it. If you’re decorating your home or planning a wedding venue and want to spell out your words in lights, the marquee alphabet lights could be the best option.

8. LIGHTSHARE LED Twig Lighted Branches for Home Decoration

LIGHTSHARE LED Twig Lighted Branches for Home Decoration

Lighted branches are the perfect addition to your home decoration or any place where you want to add sparkling splendor. They are an obvious choice for spectacular wedding floral displays and a must-have for any Christmas holiday party decorating.

These LIGHTSHARE LED twig lighted branches are with a USB plug-in power option, together with 3 AA batteries. In addition, they are real branches! The willow twig is 100% natural wood material, equipped with 16 warm white LED lights, perfect for adding illumination to a room without needing much extra attention.

And, its built-in timer can work automatically 6 hours on/18 hours off. These lighted branches are usually between 2 and 3 feet in total length which makes them great for adding to vases alone or with other accents.

9. Lightshare Artificial Lighted Palm Tree Home Decor

Lightshare Artificial Lighted Palm Tree Home Decor

If you want a beautiful accent to add to your yard for the summer, the Lightshare artificial lighted palm tree will be it! This tree looks authentic and is very pretty, you will be surely got a lot of compliments on them.

It is 5 feet tall with 16 feet of lead wire, large but not overpowering. You may worry about it is not easy to install, actually, it’s very easy to assemble and set up, only takes you 5 minutes.

They come in 2 sections, the bottom of the trunk and the top of the trunk have palms attached with lights. The trunk is wrapped with brown plastic tape (which is the bark) and is a very squishy feeling but works well outdoors.

Artificial lighted palm trees can truly set the mood for the evening as everyone looks to have fun and enjoy their time. Makes your patio or home feel like a Tiki bar!

10. Nexlux Decorative LED Strip Lights Kit Home Decor

Nexlux Decorative LED Strip Lights Kit Home Decor

LED strip lights are the most versatile lighting for any application. They can be used as decorative accents for the ceiling, wall, 46inch~60inch HDTV, makeup mirror, kitchen, bedroom, under-bed lighting, and so on, almost anywhere in your home.

This Nexlux TV light strip comes with an IR 44 key remote control, that is with 20 color-changing functions and 8 lighting modes, color changing fade mode, brightness/speed control. You can also customize your favorite color with 6 DIY buttons to set the mood and romantic atmosphere.

The Nexlux strip light is powered by USB, it can be used for any devices with 5V 1A or 5V 2A USB port and very easy to install. It comes with a reel of a 9.8ft flexible RGB LED strip, a USB receiver, and a 44key remote. There is also with a strong 3M tape in the back of the strip light for easy attach to any smooth surface.

Use these strip lights to backlight your TV and makes watching TV more immersive and fun!

11. Impress Life Decorative String Fairy Lights

Impress Life Decorative String Fairy Lights

These Impress Life decorative string fairy lights are pretty adorable and they have 9 different cute types for you to choose from, such as Conch, Dolphin, Flamingo, Little crab, Palm tree, Sea glass, Sea turtle, Starfish, and Amethyst. All of them give off a beautiful light to your home.

These decorative string fairy lights are battery operated and with remote function. The remote control allows you to choose between 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. The lights will turn on at the same time every day and be on for as long as you have chosen.

If you think changing 3 AA batteries is very inconvenient for you, the Impress Life string fairy lights also include a USB option so you can use it to supply the power. Put these beautiful lights around your home, you will find how beautiful and unique they are and get many compliments on them.

12. Brightown LED Vanity Mirror Lights for Makeup Dressing Table

Brightown LED Vanity Mirror Lights for Makeup Dressing Table

If you’ve ever complained that the bathroom lighting is super unflattering and casts ugly shadows, making applying makeup virtually impossible, then you will definitely love these LED vanity mirror lights.

These Brightown mirror lights are the perfect solution to your bad makeup lighting. It produces bright and natural white lights, perfect for doing makeup or plucking eyebrows. It will be a nice addition to make your vanity look glamorous.

The Brightown vanity mirror lights consist of 10 dimmable LED light bulbs. Touch (it’s not even a button, but it’s cool) once to turn on, long press to adjust brightness, and press again to turn off.

What’s more, they are super easy to attach, with little stickers that secure to surfaces on the back of each bulb. And the length of the cord is also adjustable, extra cords can be hidden in the back of the bulbs.

Another superb feature of this makeup lighting is its wide application, not only does it can be used on the dressing tables but also on windowsills, walls, doors, etc.

13. Lemontec LED Outdoor Globe String Lights

Lemontec LED Outdoor Globe String Lights

The Lemontec LED Outdoor Globe String Lights are one of the most popular decorative lightings for your home, garden, backyard, or party. They can be used best for joyful occasions and provides a “patio ambiance”.

These globe string lights are made of 25 feet-long string used to connect 25 clear G40 Bulbs, which are connectable end to end. Each strand has end-t0-end connections so that you will easily be able to attach up to 3 strands to cover large areas. The globe bulbs are candelabra socket base E12, UL listed.

The brightness is perfect for patio lighting – they are not going to produce enough light to sit down and read a novel, but they are going to set the mood for patio cocktails for outdoor dining, perfectly!


There are lots of beautiful products and ideas that you can employ for your home decoration, we hope these led lights home decor could give you an inspiration when you’re redecorating your house, planning a party or decorating wedding.

If you have different thoughts or tastes for home decor, just leave your comments below and share it with others. We would love to hear your comments and ideas for it.

Disclosure: We independently select these products and we only recommend products that are of good quality and utility. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.


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