LED COB Downlights are a perfect replacement for halogen bulb. These recess mounted circular COB LED downlights equipped with die-cast aluminium housing in white powder coating finish, specially designed heat sink, anti glare diffuser and separate energy efficient electronic driver, along with a CITIZEN COB chip.

Price: US$8.9-US16.9/Piece
MOQ(pcs): 50
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 20
Port: Shenzhen

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COB is an acronym for ‘Chip on Board’ and is a relatively new development in LED lighting technology. It adopts a single large LED chip, rather than multiple ones, and is placed directly on a circuit board or ‘substrate’ which has excellent thermal heat-dispersing properties which significantly increase the lifespan of the bulb.

Due to this, LED COB Downlights are highly efficient replacements for halogen bulb or CFL downlights (2x18W, 2x26W, 2x42W). The modern LED downlights provide energy savings up to 60 % compared to the conventional solutions. They are suitable for cut-outs with a diameter of 75 or 108 mm and a ceiling thickness from 3 to 20 mm, can be installed quick and easily.

1. Designed to replace 35W/50W/75W high voltage halogen downlights with an identical ceiling cut-out, luminous intensity and identical beam angle of 36°/60°.
2. Suitable for both suspended and concrete ceilings.
3. Pivotable and dimmable (forward and reverse phase).
4. Quality aluminium profile adopted for durability and optimum heat dissipation.
5. Aluminium reflector with reflective efficiency > 95%.
6. Available in White and Black finish.
7. Equipped with Citizen COB chip for long lifespan over 40,000hours.
8. Available for high CRI90, CRI97 with R9 over 95 for professional lighting request.
9. Widely used in hotel, store, home, museum and some other indoor places as the important spot lighting scenarios, retrofit work or new installation.

Specification of LED COB Downlights
LED BrandEpistar/CitizenEpistar/CitizenEpistar/CitizenEpistar/Citizen
Cut outφ75-86mmφ75-86mmφ95-108mmφ95-108mm
Beam Angle30°/40°/60°30°/40°/60°30°/40°/60°30°/40°/60°
Color Temp2700-7000K2700-7000K2700-7000K2700-7000K