LED Flood Light, Slim Design range from 30W/50W/70W/100W/150W/200W, Excellent quality with Meanwell ELG driver and Philips LUXEON LED, perfectly suitable for applications like Billboards, Advertising boards, Advertisement boards, Barns, Factories, Stadiums, Docks etc.

Price: US$17.86-US70.83/Piece
MOQ(pcs): 10
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 2
Port: Shenzhen

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LED Flood Light with Slim design housing from PCCOOLER, equipped with Meanwell ELG driver and Philips LUXEON Chip. Reflector and heat sink integrated, pure aluminum structure for heat dissipation; The black aluminum U-bracket is 270° adjustable and fixed with stainless steel screws with protective cover. The tempered glass front is 4mm thick with a high transparency rate and black finish around the light output area.

*Wind resistant design with durable aluminum die-cast housing
*Completely sealed, dust and water proof, IP65 Grade popular for outdoor projects
*Industrial great silicone ring beneath the glass front
*Durable tempered glass front – 4mm thickness
*Highly reflective aluminum reflector
*Ultra slim design – only 60mm width
*Innovative G-buckle clamp technology prevent glass off, easy for assembling
*Protective cover for adjustment screws
*Easily adjustable 270°angle, flexible for different installation methods
*Quick to install and easy to use, secure and reliable
*No UV or RF interference, No mercury or lead
*5 Years warranty

Exploded Drawing

Explosive view of LED Flood Light
Specification of LED Flood Light
Luminous Efficiency130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w130lm/w
LED Qty (1W3030)35PCS56PCS77PCS112PCS168PCS224PCS
LED TypePhilips LUXEONPhilips LUXEONPhilips LUXEONPhilips LUXEONPhilips LUXEONPhilips LUXEON
Power Factor>0.9>0.9>0.9>0.9>0.9>0.9
Beam Angle120°120°120°120°120°120°
IP GradeIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
Operating temperature-20 ~ +60℃-20 ~ +60℃-20 ~ +60℃-20 ~ +60℃-20 ~ +60℃-20 ~ +60℃
Ambient temperature-30 ~ +50℃-30 ~ +50℃-30 ~ +50℃-30 ~ +50℃-30 ~ +50℃-30 ~ +50℃
Storage temperature-40~ +80℃-40~ +80℃-40~ +80℃-40~ +80℃-40~ +80℃-40~ +80℃
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years


Dimension of LED Flood Lights 30w, 50w and 70w
Dimension of LED Flood Lights 100w, 150w and 200w