LED High Bay, UFO High Bay Light, 150LM/W Ultra Efficient&Super Bright Commercial Warehouse LED Lights, with DLC Premium & UL Listed, 60°/90°/120° Beam Angles, 250W-600W HPS/HID/MH Equivalent, Daylight 6500K, Dimmable and Sensor adjustable, ideal Industrial Workshop High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

Price: US$60-US$110/Piece
MOQ(pcs): 10
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 1
Port: Shenzhen

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LED high bay offers high efficiency LED industrial fixtures that are long lasting and energy efficient, with wattage available from 100w/150w/200w/240w and 300w. Not only does LED high bay light can bring significant energy savings and reduce your operational costs, but it can also lower your energy consumption when replacing HID 250-400W fixtures or in any new installations. What’s more, it’s with build-in adjustable daylight/PIR sensor for further energy saving. UFO High Bay Light is ideally deployed for use in distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and large retail facilities with ceilings of 20 to 40 feet.

1. Excellent thermal solution suitable for usage in commercial industrial applications
2. Integration for die-casting radiator fins, ultra-thin light emitting surface, reduce the concentration of heat, with more rapid heat dissipation thus greatly reducing source temperature.
3. Isolated Meanwell Driver, which is separately and aside from the heat sinker, allow the driver works in low temperature
4. Super bright SMD LED with high efficiency up to 150lm/w, energy saving up to 75% electric bill instantly
5. Easy and fast installation, with contractor-friendly design. Pre-installed hook allows for easy and convenient installation
6. 5 Years Warranty. LED high bay has been certified by UL, DLC (which is the Design Lights Consortium for independent verification), CE and RoHs certification that ensure better quality, safety and reliability


LED High Bay

LED High Bays (Size:mm)


LED High Bay 150W

LED High Bay 150W

LED High Bay 240W

LED High Bay 240W

Specification Of LED High Bay
Luminous efficacy>130lm/w
LED TypeSMD3030SMD3030SMD3030SMD3030
Beam Angles60°/90°/120°60°/90°/120°60°/90°/120°60°/90°/120°
Options1-10V, Daylight Sensor
1-10V, Daylight Sensor1-10V, Daylight Sensor1-10V, Daylight Sensor
IP RatingIP65IP65IP65IP65
Color Temp3000K – 6000K
3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K3000K – 6000K
Working Temp -20~ +60℃ -20~ +60℃ -20~ +60℃ -20~ +60℃
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years