LED Linear Trunking Systems, LED Line System, Linear Lighting System, 3 Phase applications, 5 wires/7 wires/11 wires, Tool-Free and Wiring-Free Installation, Seamless connections up to 180 meters, 20w to 80w with DIP switch, self-adjustable, Sensor, Emergency, Track functions available.

Price: US$50-US70/Piece
MOQ(pcs): 50
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 4
Port: Shenzhen

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LED Linear Trunking Systems, also known as Continuous-row lighting system, is self-contained pre-wired trunking and LED lighting system offering unparalleled flexibility in terms of lighting layout and scheme design. It’s a perfect replacement for traditional linear and fluorescent tubes in the market, a versatile and efficient continuous-row lighting system providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task, from LED light lines to emergency lighting.

1. Wiring-Free, wiring of 100pcs T8 Tubes equal to 10 pcs Linear Module Systems.
2. A consistent continuous-row system, without any visual interruption or different reflectors.
3. 7 functions interchangeable: Sensor, DALI, Emergency, Dimmable, Track, E27, Socket.
4. 8 different wattages adjustable, flexible to meet different requirements/applications.
5. Tool Free, Pre-wired Trunk system. Save labor, Save money, Save time.
6. Seamless combination up to 180 meters. being without limited by space.
7. Split-lens technology
8. Fast installation, saving up to 55% of install time.
9. 6 different beam angels changeable: 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, double*25° and 25° L or R.
10. CE/CB/GS/ENEC/D-Mark/Global Mark Certified.