LED Strip

LED strip light is a very versatile lighting product that can be customized for your particular application. The flexible ribbon strip runs off 12 volts DC, constant current. (24v DC is optional). It is safe to handle and more energy efficient than conventional lighting.

Also known as LED tape lights, these energy-efficient lights are ultra-thin, flexible, and in a compact design, yet they deliver bright light. Suitable for both accent and task lighting, the tape lights can be installed anywhere you want to add drama, elegance, and ambiance to your interior space. The flexible LED strip light kit will change the way you think about indoor and outdoor lighting!

In addition, the exceptionally versatile LED tape lights can offer you high color rendering index with RA>90, which makes the subject natural and fresh and thus perfectly reflects the colors of the subject and the human beings. It is an ideal lighting solution for boutiques and social activities places etc…

Furthermore, the LED strip kits are straightforward to connect and install, they have a peel-and-stick backing for easy mounting and can be cut to length using scissors. Using quick LED strip connectors, such as T connector, L connector, and X connector, the system connections are made without soldering.

The color-changing led strip lights are excellent for under cabinets, shelves, step, display, slots, wall, glass edge or backlighting, shadowbox lighting, shelf or cabinet lighting, etc. The possibilities are endless!


  • Simple Installation: All in one a kit, comes with a UL approved adapter,
  • Easy mounting with self-adhesive back; no screw attachments
  • Electrical connectors available, no soldering of wires
  • High Color Rendering Index with RA>90
  • IP20, IP62, IP65 and IP68 available
  • High Efficiency maximum up to 180LM/W
  • Ultra Long: One Power Charge can Support 30 Meters
  • 2835, 5050, 2216, 3014, 5730 and 335 series for your multiple requirements
  • 12V DC/24V DC, constant voltage, constant current


  • Dining room, Bed Room, Upstairs, Kitchen, Porch, Desk
  • Parties, Outer wall, House
  • Christmas, Halloween

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Installation Diagram

Installation of Indoor LED Strip Light

Indoor LED Strip Kit

Installation of Outdoor LED Strip Light

Outdoor LED Strip Kit

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Indoor LED Strip Light Kit