The emergency T8 LED Tube is in integrated design with test button built-in and light indicators, so you can check the battery status anytime. Very easy for maintenance and installation. It suppots 1.5 hours or 3 hours emergency time.

Price: US$/Piece
MOQ(pcs): 100
Quantity(pcs)/Carton: 25
Port: Shenzhen

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Emergency T8 LED Tube Lights Fitting

The emergency T8 LED Tube is one of the best emergency lighting for emergency applications. It is an integrated design with test switch built-in, the test button and battery indicator ensure you to check the battery status anytime. Very easy for maintenance and installation.

The battery is a lithium battery and meets 500 cycles of standard charge and discharge times. Besides, there are three battery protections: overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection.

Standard emergency timer can be 1.5 hours or 3 hours, automatically turns on when the electric supply is out.

This emergency T8 led tube light is made with an aluminum heatsink to ensure long lifetime and compliance to most of the safety standard of lighting.


Dimension of Emergency T8 LED Tube
Specification of Emergency T8 LED Tube
Emergency watt3W5W8W8W
AC Lumen1440lm1680lm1920lm2160lm
Emergency Lumen360lm600lm960lm960lm
Emergency Time1.5H/3H1.5H/3H1.5H/3H1.5H/3H
MaterialAlu alloyAlu alloyAlu alloyAlu alloy
Color Temp3000-6000K3000-6000K3000-6000K3000-6000K