Sourcing Services

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DIALux Simulation

Always need do make DIALux Lighting Simulation for your lighting projects? Now you can count on us! We have a good knowledge of DIALux operation, and we can help you simulate the lighting layout for your projects. Read More.

5 things you need to know about LED Lights

Specialize in LED Lighting

We only source for LED Lighting products, such as light source and light fixtures. Unlike other sourcing companies that source for all kinds of products, we can be your professional sourcing partner and add true value to your business. Read More.

Supply Management

Supply Management is very important to your Import business. To improve efficiency and reduce cost, we coordinate and manage your Production, Communication, Information, Logistic etc within all your suppliers, make it streamline. Read More.


Negotiation between suppliers is always an inevitable part, and it’s absolutely critical to your success. Being a experienced & professional sourcing company, we can negotiate with local suppliers on behalf of you to win you more benefits. Read More.