DIALux Simulation

What is DIALux Simulation?

DIALux is a design tool that lighting engineers use to calculate and visualize the lighting requirements for specific applications. It determines which type of lights are needed, the number of fixtures and wattage for each, and how far apart they should be placed. It also provides a visualization of the lighting coverage, so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

It’s as close to “try before you buy” as you can get.

DIALux Lighting Plan

How Do I Get A Free DIALux Simulation from PengLight?

All we need is the dimensions of your room (width, depth, ceiling height) and the IES files of the luminaires, which should be provided by the lighting manufacturer. Then you tell us how many lux you require, as well as installation height, we will simulate the lighting layout for you.

About IES file: A file with the IES file extension is an IES Photometric file that stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. They are plain text files that contain data on light for architectural programs that can simulate light. Lighting manufacturers might publish IES files to describe how various structures are affected by their products. The program using the IES file can interpret it to understand how to display the correct lighting patterns on things like roads and buildings. Learn More: Everything you need to know about the IES file.

Of course, the more information you can give us, the better: What’s the application (office, retail, factory, etc.)? Do you have existing wiring/fixtures you need to use, or are you able to wire new lighting locations?

DIALux Files

DIALux Lighting Summary
DIALux 3D Rendering

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