Quality Inspection

For many reasons, manufacturers will change your product materials to another quality level or outdated materials. In order to avoid this possibility, it’s better to carry out a quality inspection.

Our Quality Inspection Service help you to verify how your production is going on, how your products are being assembled, what your products are made of, and how they pack your products, etc.

We are your Eyes and Ears on the ground in China.

Following 4 processes will show you how we carry out the Quality Inspection Service:

1. Product Appearance

First, we will perform visual inspection test on the product, following below criteria:

  • Material should be in same quality according to samples or prior order.
  • Housing are in good shape, it is brand new and without scratch.
  • Product color according to samples or prior order
  • Measurements as specified in order document /specifications

Products photos with high-resolution in all views will be also sent to you for confirmation.

Quality Inspection of Product appearance
Report of Electrical and photoelectric parameter

2. Electrical and Photoelectric Parameter

Then, we will arrange functional test for the picked products:

  • Color Temp(Kelvin) within range of tolerance like specified on order
  • Rated Power within range of tolerance like specified on order
  • Luminous flux within range of tolerance like specified on order
  • Voltage, Power Factor, CRI within range of tolerance like specified on order
  • Each LED Chip / PCP Board has to pass at least a 8 hour aging test (we will make sure the supplier will arrange this test.)

And a full test report will be provided for you after all the test has run.

3. Packing/Label Check

Later, we will check the labels on products and package, make sure it contains all the needed information and stick or silk print in the right way:

  • Design of the label will be exactly same as original documents
  • Label must contains all the needed information or at least include mandatory information, such as Logo, CE, UL, Make In China etc
  • Label material will be as per requirements

And for the packing material, it will be in good quality that can pass drop test(if necessary), packing type and packing design like specified on order.

Quality inspection of Packing and label check
Light source test report

4. Light Source Test Report

Before arranging the delivery, a Light Source Test report will be provided to you along with detailed inspection report, the light source test report includes:

  • Wattage
  • Voltage
  • Luminous flux
  • Color Temp
  • CRI
  • SDCM

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